Hupp brothers wrap up their high school careers


As they prepare for their final high school sports seasons, senior twins Aaron Hupp and Zack Hupp reflect on how they have influenced each other as athletes.  

Zack Hupp, a third-year varsity lacrosse player, is thankful for his brother’s encouragement. He believes that it helped to mold him into the athlete he is today.  

“[Aaron] motivates me by making me always want to be better than him,” Zach Hupp said. “We compete in pretty much anything we do. Whenever he does something good in baseball, it motivates me to do well in lacrosse.”

Senior Zach Hupp jumps up high to catch a pass. Hupp committed to Piedmont college this past fall. Photo by Grayson Belanger

Zack believes that he shares a similar thought process with Aaron when it comes to their work ethic. They both are very committed when it comes to their individual sports. 

“We both share the same determined mindset,” Zach Hupp said. “Both of us are very determined and serious about what we do and always want to be better at what we do. 

Because of Aaron’s talent and work ethic, Zack believes that Aaron’s baseball career has a bright future.  

“My expectations are for him to go pro because I tell him a lot ‘you suck if you don’t go pro,’ but I expect him to go pretty far just because I know how good he is,” Zack said.  

Like his brother, senior Aaron Hupp is entering his third season on the varsity baseball team. Aaron respects Zack’s work ethic and his achievements.  

“My brother is a hard worker,” Aaron said. “He has been able to achieve things in multiple sports that most people probably couldn’t in such a short amount of time. He motivates me to continue what I’m doing and keep growing in my game.” 

While they each have their own qualities, Aaron believes that they are similar in most aspects.  

“Zack’s game compared to mine is different only in the way we act,” Aaron Hupp said. “He’s a lot more aggressive in the way he goes about his business, [but] I believe we share the same athleticism. Whatever we’re doing, we have the mindset of nobody is going to beat us and that we will work hard at whatever we put ourselves up to.”

Senior Aaron Hupp gets ready to receive a ground ball during a drill in practice. Hupp has started on varsity since his sophomore. Photo by Madi Foley.

In addition to their physical abilities, Aaron believes that they have the same intentions. When it comes to competing, neither of them wants to lose.  

“We compete at anything,” Aaron said. “Whether it be sports, school, or playing a game. We both try to out-do the other. I think we both don’t like the fact that we just lost to our brother, so we go hard.” 

Whether they are competing against each other, criticizing each other’s abilities, or complimenting each other on their success, both Aaron and Zack Hupp have improved within their sports due to presence of each other