Throwback Thursday with Mr. Van Alstyne


Q: What sport(s) did you play in high school?  

A: I was a 3-sport athlete playing Football, Basketball, & Baseball 

Q: What is the most memorable moment from playing that sport?   

A: Hard to pick. When you are involved with three programs there are lots of big wins and heartbreaking loses. 

Q: What was your biggest sports related accomplishment in high school?  

A: We didn’t win any championships in HS, but my senior year, our basketball team made the State Tournament for the first time in a loooong time, so that was a pretty cool memory. 

Q: Why did you choose to participate in your sport?  

A: As a young kid, I played all kinds of sports, and it was just what I did. So, when I got to high school, I just continued. 

Q: They say some sports are lifelong. Have you continued to play or tried to play your sport since? 

A: After HS, I gave college basketball a shot, but college sports are completely different. Unless you REALLY love it, it becomes like a job. That was a difficult adjustment for me because I was used to just moving to the next season/sport once one ended. I enjoyed the variety and ultimately my skills were not at the level of those who were more dedicated to basketball. 

Q: What is one sport that you wish you would have played in high school?  

A: I really enjoy playing golf now and wish I had played on the school team, but that was during baseball season. Also, lacrosse. Our school started lacrosse my 10th grade year, and I thought [that] would have been fun. 

Q: What is one thing everyone should know about the sport you played?  

A: All the games are fun, but the football games are the best!! You can score 20 points in a basketball game or hit a game winning home run in baseball, but nothing compares to scoring a touchdown on a Friday night. 

Q: Who was your most influential coach and what is one thing you remember learning from them?  

A: I had many great coaches during my four years of HS, but I think my little league coach may have helped me more as an athlete than any of my other coaches. Mr. Ascenzi taught me to be confident in my abilities and how to be a good teammate. Sometimes if you are one of the better players it can be frustrating when others don’t succeed, but you need to be able to pick people up and help them when they need it. A great lesson to learn at 11 years old. 

Q: How do you think your sport prepared you for life after high school?  

A: Everything I have learned has come from my experiences in sports. It is the foundation on which I built my career: working hard, doing things you don’t always want to do but have to, being a good teammate – supporting those who are struggling and celebrating those who have success, and learning how to lead.