Students turn to online grocery shopping in the face of a pandemic


Julia Rucker

Caroline Small poses with ClickList on her phone. She began using the Kroger prior to the pandemic.

Since the beginning of quarantine, online grocery shopping has drastically increased. According to Super Market News, online grocery shopping increases every year, but with the current circumstances of the world right now, it has increased around 40%.  

This type of shopping can be done using many apps, with a number of these apps being available for delivery. There is a variety of popular grocery apps: Instacart, Kroger (ClickList), Amazon Pantry, and Walmart. 

Senior Jordan Campbell uses Instacart for online grocery shopping to stay healthy and safe.  

“[Instacart is] easy and user friendlyYou are able to communicate with the person getting your groceries, Campbell said. 

Junior Caroline Small uses the Kroger app, also referred to as ClickList, to maintain a non-contact shopping environment.  

[ClickList] is easy to utilize, and it works out because me and my family only shop at Kroger for groceries. It is also more efficient when it comes to the amount of time spent in the store, walking around, searching for groceries,” Small said.  

However, there are a few disadvantages to not picking your own groceries. Shoppers experience this when it comes to their personal preference on food items. 

“Sometimes when fruits or vegetables are chosen, the fresh ones aren’t always picked,” Campbell said. “[The worker] is grabbing the first ones they see because they may be in a rush or just not paying attention.” 

Jordan Campbell logs onto the InstaCart app to begin an online order. Campbell recently started using the online shopping app because of COVID-19. (Julia Rucker)

In addition, if stores do not have the specific item that you ordered in stock, the shopper is left without the food that was paid for.  

“The only downfall to online shopping is that sometimes they do not have an item you are wanting, and you don’t know that you aren’t receiving the item until you are picking up the groceries,” Small said.  

Despite the disadvantages, there are many benefits of shopping for groceries online. It is a good option when it comes to following a budget and not purchasing unnecessary items.  

It is easier to manage, and you aren’t walking through multiple aisles, passing other items that are wante[but] not needed,” Campbell said.  

With the current circumstances, in-person grocery shopping is bringing a lot of potential exposure to shoppers, and this can be avoided by shopping online. 

 [I prefer online shopping] because I do not have to come into contact with anybody; it allows me to get what I need safely,” Small said.  

The dramatic increase of online shopping this year has actually helped stores to stay in business. It has allowed many people to still provide for their families when they cannot go out in public due to health issues and/or concerns.