Canton & Woodstock Hot Spots


Buffalo’s Café at 1625 Ball Ground Highway in Canton

Do you and your friends always know exactly where to go, what to do, or what to eat? The Canton and Woodstock areas have some of the best restaurants, shopping, outdoor activities, and more.  

  • Buffalo’s Café is a great restaurant for when you have a large party of people. This café can be found at 1625 Ball Ground Highway in Canton. For cheap, you and your friends can share a spot inside at a booth or table, or outside under the overhang. Buffalo’s is a great spot to hangout with your friends, eat good food, and watch a football game on TV. Buffalo’s is known for its large wing menu that can suit everybody’s tastes, and they even have a special “bash night” promotion every Monday night: $20 for unlimited wings! It’s an awesome deal that is perfect if you stay awhile.

    Canyon’s at 335 Chambers St in Woodstock
  • Canyon’s is a staple of Downtown Woodstock’s restaurants. Located just off Main Street in the heart of downtown, this burger joint offers a diverse menu of burgers, salads, chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, and a variety of other options. Share a table with your friends inside, or sit outside under the umbrellas. The location is a true benefit of Canyon’s, as it is in a perfect spot to stop after shopping or walking around Downtown Woodstock.

    Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta at 915 Ridgewalk Parkway in Woodstock
  • One of our best spots is the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta! Found at 915 Ridgewalk Parkway, they offer a day of entertainment for anybody and everybody. The location hosts many shops, restaurants, and other places to hang out. With everything from Nike and Kate Spade, to Ghirardelli and Chick-fil-A, the Outlets have everything it takes for a fun day with friends or familyIf you plan on going to the Outlets, be sure to look online for promotions or deals and get a cheaper shopping experience.

    Olde Rope Mill Park at 690 Olde Rope Mill Park Road in Woodstock
  • Olde Rope Mill Park is known to be thebest place in the Woodstock area for anybody interested in spending time outside. Located just off Ridgewalk parkway, the park is one of the oldest locations in Woodstock. Founded in the 1800’s, the park’s history is almost as remarkable as its picturesque points. You can spend time kayaking, canoeing, walking on the paved trail, biking, swimming, or fishing in this scenic location. Additionally, every activity listed above can be done for free and can be easily accessed through various trails at the park’s entrance. It is the perfect place to get out and have fun, while still being able to social distance. 

Each of these locations make for a fun time with friends and family. Despite the Coronavirus, these places still make it possible to have fun while social distancing, wearing a mask, and being safe.