Throwback Thursday with Coach King


Q: What sport(s) did you play in high school?   

A:  Baseball, Wrestling, Football  

Q: What is the most memorable moment from playing that sport?    

A:  Pitching in the D2 College World Series  

Q: What was your biggest sports related accomplishment in high school?   

A:  Baseball team reached final four my senior year – I didn’t have a lot of individual accolades; I was a pretty average player in high school. 

Q: Why did you choose to participate in your sport?   

A:  Started playing at young age (5 yrs old) – mostly played in the dirt during t-ball  

Q: They say some sports are lifelong. Have you continued to play or tried to play your sport since?  

A:  I used to play some slow-pitch softball and men’s league baseball, but my competitiveness no longer aligns with my physical abilities and I don’t like to lose, so now I just coach. 

Q: What is one sport that you wish you would have played in high school?   

A:  Golf 

Q: What is one thing everyone should know about the sport you played?   

A:  Baseball is not boring.  Just like anything in life, the more you understand it, the more interesting it becomes.  People that think baseball is boring just don’t understand how much of a mental game is being played with positioning, pitch calling, play calling…every single pitch. 

Q: Who was your most influential coach and what is one thing you remember learning from them?   

A:  My high school coach was supportive of me in high school and after I left high school.  I have kept tabs with him over the years and coached against him as a head coach myself…Chiefs 10, North Paulding 0.  Got him! 

Q: How do you think your sport prepared you for life after high school?   

A:  Baseball is a sport of failure.  Players are going to struggle and are often going to experience more failure than success.  Life is full of challenges and failures and learning to push past them anwork hard to overcome weaknesses has helped me develop a more positive attitude and outlook when facing challenges. 

Q: Did you have a nickname on your team?  

AJust my initials (TK)