The Arrow Tips with Andy: Advice for Freshmen

High school can be quite intimidating: juggling academics, trying to have a social life, and staying involved in extracurricular activities. This year looks a lot different for freshmen than it normally does, but we still want you to feel comfortable around Sequoyah and feel like you belong here, but also not feel constantly stressed or anxious about school. 

Something you will likely notice fairly quickly is that the subjects and work become significantly harder than they were before. It is important that you aren’t afraid to ask for help with an assignment.  If your math class is difficult, ask your teacher for help. Some subjects just come easier to other people, so don’t compare your grades to the math whiz who sits next to you. Alternatively, you can get a tutor. Tutoring does not mean you are weak. On the contrary, it proves that you are making an effort to learn and improve. Another important tip is to do your assignments on time. Procrastinating is fun for a while, but the workload piles up much faster than you think it will. The longer your To-Do list becomes, the harder it is to complete. 

One of the most helpful tools for emotional and mental stability is a good support system. As a freshman, one of the most beneficial things you can do is to diversify your friend group. Sticking with people in your grade is always good, but try to make friends with other students, like maybe become friends with a sophomore or juniorNavigating high school becomes much easier when you have friends who have recently been in your shoes. One way to make school more enjoyable would be to join a club, one that fits your personal interests, but make sure you are not overcrowding your scheduleWhether it be Robotics, Debate, or GSA, clubs are an easy way to make school more fun and build better relationships with your classmates and teachers. 

Starting high school can certainly be challenging, and even scary, but when you begin to ask for help, make new friends, and join some clubs and groups, this new environment is going to be much more personal to you and fit what you not only need, but also what you want.