Expect the unexpected: A rare blue moon will be out on Halloween

Most everybody knows 2020 has been full of unexpected twists and turns and has yet to leave people knowing what to expect next. Most people have learned to expect the unexpected this year. Halloween’s expectations have been hopes of normal activities like trick or treating for kids, carving pumpkins, and a couple scares here and there. However, in true 2020 fashion, Halloween night is surprised with something very rare this year: a full moon that also happens to be a blue moon. 

According to The Farmer’s Almanac, in 2001, people in the Pacific and Central time zones celebrated Halloween under a full moon, but people of every time zone have not collectively seen one on Halloween since 1944. A full moon is already rare on Halloween night, but this year there will not only be a full moon, but a blue moon as well.  

The second full moon of the month is a blue moon, but it is rare that two occur in one month. October 1st held the first full moon of the month, so the next lies on Halloween. A blue moon only happens every two and a half to three years, while a full moon on Halloween happens about every nineteen years. While the moon may not actually appear blue, it will still be a rare site to see considering how unlikely it is to have a full moon fall on Halloween.  

According to astronomers, the next few full moons that will be seen on Halloween will not be until 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096 – all following a nineteen-year pattern. This is a sight you will not want to miss. In true 2020 sprit, this Halloween will be one for the history (and astrology) books. Then again, this only happens once in a blue moon!