Students search for the impostors “Among Us”


‘Among Us’ has taken Sequoyahas well as countless other schools, by storm. The game’s format is simple: up to ten players are placed in a spaceship to participate in a mafia-style game where eight players are crewmates and two are impostors. The crewmates’ jobs are to carry out their assigned tasks while concurrently attempting to eject who they suspect to be an impostor, while the impostor’s job is to kill every crewmate on the ship as well as trying to remain unsuspected.  

Looking around at lunch or study hall, it is very likely you will see at least a few groups of students engaged in a heated game. Students all around the school are seen playing, or heard calling someone “sus.” Senior Jordyn Hardaway enjoys the rush of being covert.  

“I love being the impostor,” Hardaway said. “Especially when I’m playing with people I know.” 

Hardaway finds the social aspect of the game most appealing; she has played alone but finds that talking to her friends in personas opposed to using the in-game chat feature, while playing makes the game all the more thrilling. Despite how tempting it is, Hardaway does not let the game interfere much with her schoolwork. 

“Usually, I’ll play before bed,” Hardaway said. 

Playing the game as more of a fun pastime, she probably could not compete with some members of the student body that seem to be a bit more dedicated to their craft. 

Sophomore Frederica Kpakpavi is a student that can provide a bit more insight to the complex details that the game entails. Every game, each player selects a color that will differentiate them from others. Players often tend to ‘main,’ or consistently pick, a certain color. 

“[I main dark green because] it goes with the pumpkin hat,” Kpakpavi said. 

 Hats are another aesthetic component of the game that increases the level of individual customization available. Much like Hardaway, she enjoys being impostor the most. 

I like [to kill in] reactor or when people are checking vitals…gaslighting people who clearly saw you vent is a fun part of the game, Kpakpavi said.  

‘Venting’ is an ability exclusive to the impostor that allows for speedy escape through vents placed around the map in task rooms, such as reactor or medbay, after killing a crewmate. If someone claims to see them act ‘sus,’ which is slang for suspicious, the impostor must do everything in their power to convince the crewmates that they are just doing their tasks, using mental manipulation and deceit to their advantage. 

Junior Collin Tucker particularly enjoys the strategy involved in the game.  

“It stresses you psychologically to figure out which one of your friends could be the killer,” Tucker said 

He, as opposed to most, enjoys being a crewmate more than being an impostor.  

“The biggest challenge of being a crewmate is completing all of your tasks, because it’s easy to get distracted,” Tucker said.  

Tucker mains purple and black, depending on which color he can get his hands on before it’s taken.  

At school, at home, and even on the road, Among Us is treasured by students across America. Whether the game is tightening bonds or making it difficult to trust your closest friends, its popularity is inarguable