Not your Average Sitcom: “The Office” is a fan favorite


The Office is one of the most streamed shows on Netflix to date. Despite the large popularity, The Office is leaving Netflix at the start of 2021 for NBCUniversal’s Peacock service. Until then, a month and a half are still available to watch all nine seasons. 

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania may seem normal, but it holds a cast of contrasting employees. Every day, something new happens with the same group of workers. Sophomore Cooper McKie emphasizes the importance of characters in “The Office”. 

Each character [has] unique personalities,” McKie said. “How the [producers] fit it into the show to make it funny is great.” 

Like its sitcom peers, The Office is packed full of comedy. The unique situations faced in each episode breed hilarity due to the personality of the characters and their reactions to each of the other characters. Harmon especially enjoys this aspect of the show. 

I like the comedy, especially Michael’s That’s what she said references,” Harmon said. “Really, Michael [is] the funniest [character on the show].” 

In contrast to the upbeat boss of Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott, McKie’s favorite character is a little bit more enigmatic. 

“Creed [is my favorite]Every time he speaks, it’s just so funny because everything he says is wrong. He doesn’t get anything right,” McKie said. You never know what to expect from him. 

Unlike other sitcomsThe Office holds a special charm in for its fans: the pleasure of rewatching episodes multiple timesMcKie prefers “The Office” to other shows due to its rewatchable episodes. 

The storyline is so good, like you can watch it and rewatch it, and the scenes are still funny,” McKie said.  

Ultimately, the comedy of the show can be accentuated in a few select scenes. Harmon’s favorite scene is a crazy sequence of events that capture the show’s appeal perfectly. 

Dwight sets a fire in a trashcan [to fake] a fire drill,” Harmon said. “[It causes] Stanley [to have] a heart attack, people [begin] climbing in the ceiling, breaking windows, stealing food from the vending machine. [It’s] basically chaos.” 

The Office is a special show that is lauded by viewers worldwide. Harmon and McKie are only two of the show’s viewer base that echo the sentiment that the characters, scenes, and general hilarity are all strong reasons to give it a try. Despite its migration to Peacock next year, any interested comedy-lovers should make sure catch up on all nine seasons before December 31st!