Touring Colleges Takes a Turn

Because of COVID-19, choosing the right college looks a little different. Instead of the usual college tour, schools have had to find new ways to show off their campuses. From video tours to zoom calls with students, colleges are finding all ways possible to attract students to their schools.  

Clemson University, in South Carolina, has provided incoming students with many ways to get the feel of their campus with YouTube video tours, interactive websites, and scheduled face-to-face information 

According to the Clemson Education website, when you participate in virtual visit, you get a glimpse of everyday life in Clemson from the comfort of your home.” 

Many other colleges are embracing new techniques similar to that of Clemson and have provided students with many ways to experience the best parts of their campus.  

For students, this can be a blessing and a curse. Although online tours give students a beautiful tour of campuses, students lack getting the full college experience 

Junior Kora Hansen plans to play beach volleyball in college and is searching for her perfect fit. Along with others, Hansen struggles with picking a college and getting the feel of which school is best for her. 

“I think only being able to do virtual tours is affecting getting a real feel of the campus and what going to the school would be like,” said Hansen. “So it’s really hard trying to narrow down my list of schools and trying to decide where I want to go by only doing virtual tours.” 

Schools are always searching for new ways to show off their campus in order to make the school more appealing to studentsMany upcoming college students have decided to do self-guided tours and tour colleges by themselves. 

I think the advantage [of doing self-guided tours is that] you [can] do it on your own schedule and see as much or as little as you want, and there isn’t as much pressure to ask/answer questions or have to fake interest or something, Hansen says.  

While most schools have gone fully virtual, some colleges around the US have continued to do in person tourswith many precautions 

According to Kennesaw State University’s website, “KSU is pleased to announce that the campus tours will start mid-September because we know how much the in-person campus experience means to you.” 

Some schools, such as KSU, have provided students with scheduled tours that are limited to a small number of people and always require face masks. Even though it is different, being on the campuses of schools gives students a better feel of all parts of the college that can help make their decision that much easier. 

Although finding the right college looks a little different this year, schools have found many ways to continue showing off their campus while keeping all their students and guests safe.