Golf swings back into action

Spring sports at Sequoyah are finally underway, and the men’s and women’s golf teams are hoping for a successful season.  

Junior Sydney Watkins, a returning player, will look to lead the team this year. She is one of six girls returning this season. 

“I’ve played golf for one season, and I plan on playing for the next two years,” Watkins said.  

Last season the team lost some key players, but Watkins sees a promise in this years team.  

“We had strong seniors last season, so with them gone our team will have to put in more effort this year,” Watkins said. “Since we have mostly beginners on our team, I feel with more practices we will see progress and play well. If we keep making good contact with the ball during the matches we will play well against other teams in the region.” 

Along with a handful of seniors, Coach West will lead the team once again this season. Watkins believes that his contributions are pivotal tthe team.  

[Coach West] is very funny, but also pushes us to play our very best, Watkins said.  

Senior Benjamin Bedsole is one of six returning players for the men’s team. While there may be many question marks surrounding the team’s potential, Bedsole believes that it will be a successful season. 

“We only played one match last year, so no one really knows how we will be,” Bedsole said. “We have 6 really good players returning, and I think we will do pretty good this year.” 

Bedsole’s coach, Coach Heath, will be leading the men’s team this season.  

“Coach Heath is so chill,” Bedsole said. “He’s a really good coach and he’s fun to talk to.” 

As the season approaches, golfers on both the men’s team and the women’s team believe that it will be a promising year.