Trump marks his final day in office with pardons

January 12th marked Former President Donald Trump’s last day as acting president and last day in office. The White House held a meeting on January 10th to finalize his list of actionsThe following Tuesday it was announced that one of his final acts as the nation’s leader would be making pardons, which is when a person is relieved from their prison sentence. Trump released a list of 143 names that would be either be given presidential pardon, meaning that their punishment for a federal crime would be disregarded, or their sentences would be commuted or lessened 

The list consisted of a variety of different criminals with many different federal charges including white collar criminals, high profile rappers, convicted drug conspiracist, members of the Trump family, and many different controversial political figures and allies. 

Notable Names on the list included: 

Stephen K. Bannon, who acted as Trumps formal chief strategist and campaign manager after the resignation of Kelley Ann Conway.  Bannon faced money laundering and conspiracy charges after an August conviction which accused him of using millions of dollars meant to go towards Trump’s campaign for personal expenses. 

Bill K. Kapri, also known as Kodak Black, faced a three-year prison sentence after falsifying documents so he could purchase a gun. Although he received this pardon, he remains under investigation over a separate charge that occurred in 2018. 

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., also known as “Lil Wayne”, received a pardon after pleading guilty to felony gun possession in 2009. 

David Barren, who previously had his sentence commuted by former president Barack Obama, had his sentence further reduced by Trump. He was serving a life sentence plus 50 years for a drug conspiracy charge.