The Faces in the Hallway: Trent Chastain


Senior Trent Chastain has a strong passion for lifting heavy weight. Reallyreally heavy weight. When Chastain started lifting weights at a CrossFit gym with his 7th grade football team, he immediately fell in love with it. He quickly noticed a change in his health and physique and, well, the rest is history. He has used his internal motivations and work ethic to power through multiple injuries and setbacks throughout his young lifting career on his way to becoming one of the most impressive powerlifters of his age and weight.  

For Chastainhis success is undeniable. A first place winner in the teenage division of the Georgia state championship and a 16-17 year old state record holder for raw bench and squat, Chastain’s knowledge on the sport is advanced. However, his advice is rather simple: focus on the obvious things that are proven to lead to success. 

“For me, I just focus on the things that are usually overlooked such as technique, nutrition, and my sleep schedule. I wouldn’t say these put me a step ahead though. I would just say others’ refusal to pay attention to those factors holds them back from their full potential” Chastain said. 

Chastain’s journey to success has been everything but easy, and the injuries he’s had to deal with prove that to be so. 

“I have had shoulder impingements, rib heads popped out of place, and a slightly bulging disc in my lower back that was pinching my sciatic nerve” Chastain said. 

However, even that didn’t stop him from moving forward, and he even considers his perseverance past his major injury to be his most valuable feat. 

“My proudest accomplishment is correcting and overcoming that bulged disc that was pinching my nerve and shooting pain down my glutes and hamstrings. It took around 4 months of a completely different training style, and I was super discouraged the whole time” Chastain said. 

Every time Chastain goes to the gym he has one person he strives to impress, himself. 

“I just want to be better than I was the month prior. Whether that means getting a certain movement stronger, being able to complete a movement pain free, or improving my discipline.” Chastain said.  

His motivation helps him to reach his goals, which may be different than most powerlifters in the sense that he looks past the numerical statistics of his weightlifting journey. To Chastain, getting his numbers as high as possible doesn’t serve as his goal, but rather simply being in his best health. He may squat over 560 pounds, bench over 375, and deadlift over 600, but to him, those are just numbers. 

“I have stopped putting numerical goals in my head because in the past I would put my health at risk in order to achieve them, so I would say my goal is to be as strong as possible while still staying healthy and avoiding injuries.” Chastain said 

             Although his hobby can look intimidating to some, Chastain has a way to encourage people to get in to weight lifting. 

“I would tell anyone that wanted to start lifting weights to focus on themselves and only themselves. It’s very easy to get discouraged and envious of others who “look better” or are stronger. Don’t worry about them, worry about you and your progress.” Chastain said.