Athlete of the Week – Varsity Volleyball: Sarah Siefert


Sarah Siefert plays the ball during their home game. Siefert has played the position of outside hitter for 8 years.

Q. What position do you play?

A. I am an outside hitter. 


Q. How many years have you played volleyball?

A. This will be my 8th year playing. 


Q. What is your greatest overall accomplishment in your career?

A. One of my greatest overall accomplishments in my career was definitely winning USAV Nationals this past summer for club. It was our last tournament for the season and probably one of the toughest tournaments, so winning was one of the best feelings ever. 


Q. How do you think the team will do this season?

A. I think the team has a very promising future this season. We have a lot of great talent and what puts us at the top is our chemistry on and off the court. We are all one big family who cares for each other and that’s what drives us to win. Also, a huge factor this season is our coaches. They provide support in everything we do and make us believe in ourselves and the team. 


Q. Do you plan to play at a collegiate level or any level past high school?

A. I do plan to play at a collegiate level. Not too long ago I started my recruiting process which has been stressful, but also super exciting! 


Q. What do you think is the biggest strength you bring to the team?

A. I think the biggest strength I bring to the team is comic relief. When we are in a serious situation and everyone is stressed out, I will crack a joke that will lighten the mood and get everyone loose. 


Q. What is your favorite memory playing volleyball so far? 

A. My favorite memory playing volleyball so far was the final four game my freshman year against Pope. It was our last game to get to the State Championship and there was a ton riding on the game. I remember we had a huge student section and the energy in the gym was unmatched. It was probably the most hype game I have ever played in. When we won everyone went crazy. 


Q. What are your future goals for the sport? 

A. My future goals for the sport definitely include playing in college. I also want to win a State Championship before I graduate.