Meet The Coach – Cross Country: Corinne Ingram


Coach Ingram oversees the warm-ups of the Cross Country team. Ingram has high expectations for her runners this season.

How long have you been coaching?  

I am beginning my 4th year coaching Cross Country.


What is your favorite aspect of coaching your sport?

Seeing the athletes every day as well as those races seeing the joy on their face when they accomplish goals that they were not positive they would be able to do!


What is the most difficult part of being a coach?  

Balancing all the different needs of each athlete. 


What challenges are you facing right now?  

Injuries early in the season. 


What does a typical practice look like?  

Depending on the day of the week, Athletes could be running 4-10 miles or working on building speed-such as running 10x400s (1 lap of the track) trying to hit a specific time with a limited amount of rest between.


How have you been preparing your athletes?  

We really encourage summer running to build strength and endurance and had 20-30 athletes show up during the summer. We also try to balance speed and mileage workouts to build and prepare so the athletes peak (hit their best times) at the right time of the season – Region!


Do you have any attributes that you look for in an athlete?   

Hard worker, team player, responsible.


What is your goal for your teams this season?  

The goal of our team this season is to have every athlete hit a personal record in the 5k and for the Girls and Boys Varsity Teams to be top 2 in the Region and Top 10 in the State 6A Championships.