Athletic director updates student section rules


The student section cheer on the football team from the stands. This year, potentially dangerous items were restricted from the student section.

Athletic Director Peter Vajda met with Spirit Club leaders last Friday to explain the rules and expectations for students in the student section at this year’s football games.

Items such as confetti poppers, air horns, noisemakers, whistles, and silly string are banned due to safety concerns. Students are also not allowed to bring backpacks to athletic events.

“I emphasize the word ‘safe,’ said Vajda, “as we have had multiple injuries at football games whereby students have been hit by flying cans from the student section injuring our students. This will not be tolerated.”

Speakers, megaphones, and some signs are also banned. Additionally, parents and students are prohibited from entering the field after the game.

“Speakers can be a distraction to the athletic contest, the band, and the cheerleaders. Signs that are in good taste and not against the opposing team will be allowed,” said Vajda.

Vajda emphasized that these are not new rules.

“Our students are a reflection of Sequoyah High School,” said Vajda. “Students are representing themselves, their school, their family, and their community. The student section is a big part of school spirit; it adds to the atmosphere, and we want our students to have fun, be creative, and be positive and support their classmates all in a safe way.”