Chiefs power to a win over Woodstock

The varsity football team dominated over the Woodstock Wolverines in the inaugural game, securing their first win of the 2021-22 season. 

The game, which took place on Friday, Aug. 20, at Woodstock High School, ended with a final score of 28-0.  

 Junior Matthew Trainor, the quarterback, had 3 returns and a total of 58 yards. Senior Jack Piskorz, a running back, led the offense with 102 rushing yards, 8.5 yards per carry, and a touchdown.  Junior Carter Sandt, a linebacker, amounted to 5 tackles and 1 interception. Sophomore Jackson Hancock, a running back/safety, led the Chiefs with a total of 116 all-purpose yards, 2 tackles, and 1 interception. 

The Chiefs amounted to a total of 200 total yards, 106 passing yards, and 96 rushing yards.  

The varsity football team will take on the 1- 0 Cherokee Warriors on Friday, Aug. 27, at Skip Pope in hopes to extend their winning streak.