Throwback Thursday with Coach Collins


“Rook” runs a route. Coach Collins played football during his high school years.

What sport(s) did you play in high school? 

 Football, Track and Field 

What is the most memorable moment from playing that sport? 

In football, it was winning the region championship vs Marietta and advancing to the state playoffs     

What was your biggest sports-related accomplishment in high school? 

I earned a full football scholarship to Liberty University   

Why did you choose to participate in your sport? 

Football was always big in our family, so my brother and I always played 

They say some sports are lifelong. Have you continued to play or tried to play your sport since? 

I haven’t played in a very long time, but I continue to stay a part of it by coaching 

What is one sport that you wish you had played in high school? 


What is one thing everyone should know about the sport you played? 

Football is the ultimate team game and aids in creating discipline, character, and life lessons   

Who was your most influential coach and what is one thing you remember learning from them? 

My high school coach played a big part in me being able to play at the next level. He was a rigid and hard-nosed coach that demanded a lot of us but ended up paying off in the end.  

How do you think your sport prepared you for life after high school? 

I wouldn’t be where I am today without football and the lessons it taught me. 

Did you have a nickname on your team?