Football team runs their way to victory versus Cass


Football linemen line up prior to the snap. The football team beat Cass 37-23 on Sept. 3.

The Sequoyah Chiefs took on the Cass Colonels on Sept. 3, at Cass’ home field. 

The week prior to this game, they lost to the Cherokee Warriors; the team’s record was 1-1 after the loss.  

Throughout the game against Cass, the team ran a total of 55 plays, ending in 18 first downs. Cass, however, only ran 51 plays, receiving 15 first downs.  

The Chiefs scored five touchdowns throughout the game. Junior Matthew Traynor, the quarterback, racked up three touchdowns and ran a total of 138 yards. Number 2 Jackson Hancock and number 40 Javon Salazar both scored one each. Hancock ran a total of 172 yards, while Salazar ran 23.   

Carter Sandt, number 26, put up ten tackles. Number 9 Avery Born was not too far behind him with a total of nine tackles. 

The team caught a total of five interceptions, or picks, throughout the game. Number 23 Bretton Darling recorded two, Number 7 Isaiah Sanders caught two, and Hancock caught the final one.  

The game ended in a Sequoyah victory. The overall score was 37-23, making their new season record 2-1. 

The following week was a bye-week. Their next game on Sept. 17 is against John’s Creek.