Meet the Coach: Girls Basketball – Jordan Chapman

Meet the Coach: Girls Basketball - Jordan Chapman

What sports will you be involved in this year?  

I coach volleyball and basketball. 


What are you most excited for while coaching/ help coach your sport(s)? 

I really enjoy working with students outside of the classroom and watching them excel in their sports. 


What sports did you play when you were in high school?  

When I was in high school at Sequoyah, I played golf. I managed the basketball team in high school starting in 10th grade since I didn’t have enough time to play golf and do marching band. 


What school did you come from? Did you coach there?  

My last two years I taught and coached at Marietta High School where I coached volleyball, tennis, and basketball, where we were state champions this past year! 


How has your first month at Sequoyah been?  

It has been great being back at my alma mater. It has been fun returning to my school and seeing lots of familiar faces here and from the community. 


What’s your favorite part about being a Chief now?  

My favorite part of being a Chief (and it’s always been like this) is the community and how we are basically a big family here in Hickory Flat. There’s no place like home, and I’m glad to be here.