Which would you choose: Red or Blue?

On Twitter, a new sci-fi/action movie, Matrix 4, is trending. Although the movie has not yet premiered, the release date is set for December 22, 2021. The Matrix movie series is based around a concept of a computer-generated dream world that was designed for the sole purpose of keeping humans under control, a dystopian take on how artificial intelligence has taken over society. The humans in this series are kept sedated, living a virtual life, while their actual bodies are in a pod on some other world. 

 The Matrix franchise is famously known for their iconic scene where the main character, Neo, is being offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill.  On Twitter, Warner Bros released a teaser before the trailer aired. With this, they launched a website featuring an interactive game, giving the fan the chance to see what choice they would make if they were in Neo’s shoes. If someone were to click on a pill, it would show them the possibilities that would occur from taking either one. If the blue pill is chosen, they would stick to the reality they’ve been exposed to. While if someone were to click on the red pill, it shows the bad scenarios they will be dealing with, and missions they will have to accomplish if they choose to break free from the artificial reality that was crafted for them. 

Although little is known about the new movie, the trailer explains how these new events will happen after the other three movies. The past movies ended with a new peace being created between robots and humanity. On Twitter, people believe Matrix 4 will show whether peace was kept, or if a new battle has started between humans and robots.