Why Luke Combs is such a hit


Luke Combs

All I could do was pause and listen to the crowd sing, “Rain was driving, thunder lightning, you wrecked my whole world when you came, and hit me like a hurricane” while I was standing in the Arrowhead stadium at Kansas City. 

What You See Is What You Get, country singer Luke Combs’ new album, is by far one of the best. I have been a huge fan of country music all my life. I grew up listening to country music, and I have listened to Luke Combs for as long as I can remember. When this album was released, I was beyond excited.  

The very first song I listened to on his album was “Does to Me.” After listening to this song multiple times, I finally understood the real meaning behind it. In the song, he sings about how he feels like an underachieving person. He realizes that, to others, he might not look like he has done much, but he is proud of who he is and happy with the way his life is going.  

I feel like students can relate to this song because it is meaningful. It is about being happy, celebrating, and being proud of what you have achieved even if someone else does not see it as important or purposeful.  

Luke was one of the artists who wrote a song about the pandemic and the effects that it had on the general public. It is a hopeful, and sad, song called “Six Feet Apart.” 

He sings about how looking back, he took so many things for granted, and did not realize how much he should’ve appreciated it until he did not have it. Things like giving hugs and shaking hands because they were some of the things that he would do without a second thought, and it seemed to be far gone at that moment. 

I think choosing to release this song at the time he did was perfect timing because it helped us realize we were all going through somewhat the same thing and feeling the same way. People were valid in longing for some normalcy, so consequently its relatability made the song a big hit.  

When I hear a song I can relate to, I tend to listen to it more. The reason I enjoy listening to his music is because in every song there is a message behind it, and most people can relate to each and every one of them.