Oil mishap in the Pacific Coast

On Twitter, the massive oil spill in Huntington Beach, California, is trending. Tweets spread describing the apparent smell that reached residential areas on Friday night and Saturday morning, but officials only said it was a small oil leak. Little did they know that this was not the case. The police department had an influx of calls regarding the gas smell Friday night, so they decided to send out an advisory noting that they were going to check in on the issue. On Saturday night, the department acknowledged that this was a huge oil spill. They decided to keep all the beaches closed until they could clear the oil up. 

 To help prevent the oil spread from reaching shore, oil containment booms are being used. In this situation, the oil booms are not working. There is only so much oil the booms can keep from going straight to the beaches, so in some cases, the oil is passing through the booms. There are also cleanup boats offshore working to help decrease the oil in the water. 

People are tweeting that this oil spill has originated from a pipeline leak. Not only will it soon affect the animals in the water, but it can also cause environmental concerns to arise if the proper authorities cannot keep the oil under control.