Art Student of the Week – Christine Hunter


Christine Hunter sits at her desk and draws. Hunter fell in love with art her first year at Sequoyah.

Senior Christine Hunter fell in love with art in her first year at Sequoyah. Her love for creating artwork began when she started making projects that she was truly proud of. After that first experience, she realized she could do much more with her newfound talent. The largest inspiration for her artwork is her oldest sister, who inspires her to create and work hard.  

“I enjoy graphite drawing and using colored pencils,” Hunter said. “I am taking ceramics this year which is also loads of fun.” 

Hunters’ greatest art accomplishments are when her art gets hung in the hallways. For example, her Star Wars piece depicting Yoda can be seen in the hallway; the work is primary watercolors and pens.  

 Art is Hunter’s escape outlet from stressful or tough times in life. She can always be seen with an art profile in her hands and is always ready to create. 

“Art will always be a hobby of mine,” Hunter said. “Going into the future it could also provide a career path.” 

Art has had a major impact on Hunter’s life. It is an escape from reality to create and express herself in an artistic way.