Throwback Thursday with Mr. Mooney


What sport(s) did you play in high school? 

Football, wrestling

What is the most memorable moment from playing that sport? 

Placing third in the state for wrestling.   

What was your biggest sports related accomplishment in high school? 

I placed third in state wrestling. My high football team was not very good, but a sports writer wrote about me in an article after a game he was watching.  

Why did you choose to participate in your sport? 

In football I loved the contact and aggression of the game. Wrestling was one on one, so I had total control of the outcome – win or loss.   

It is said that some sports are lifelong. Have you continued to play or tried to play your sport since? 

I coached both for many years. I even took some wrestlers to the GA State Games in Augusta one year where I wrestled and came in third at 36-years old.  

What is one thing everyone should know about the sport you played? 

Football taught me about being a team player and doing my job in coordination with the rest of the team to be successful. 

How do you think your sport prepared you for life after high school? 

Wrestling taught me a good work ethic to be successful and football taught me you always need to coordinate with your team to be successful. 

Did you have a nickname on your team? 

My nickname was Maddog. I used to hit pretty hard; I was a little crazy on the field and relentless on the mat. Some students have called me that just because I think it sounds good with Mooney.