Art Student of the Week – Colin Schell


Senior Colin Schell works on a sketch at his desk. Schell’s biggest art piece took him over 50 hours to complete.

Senior Colin Schell is a visual arts student who fell in love with art at an incredibly early age.  

“My interest in art started when I was a very young lad, maybe over a decade ago,” Schell said. “My mom always said that when I first picked up a pencil I ‘could not put it down’.”  

Schell’s interest in art sparked when he created a drawing that, in his eyes, was good. That was his realization he could do something with his talent. 

Schell’s biggest inspiration will always be Bob Ross. Bob Ross was the first artist Schell ever knew; he watched Ross’ art videos to expand his skill level and become the artist he is today.  

“Because of him, I kept doing art and got much better over time,” Schell said.  

Basic drawing and digital drawing are Schell’s favorite types of artworks to create. Though he takes on more extravagant pieces, he still holds a soft spot for basic pencil and paper drawings. Schell’s repertoire has taken him far beyond what he first envisioned. 

“My greatest art accomplishment at the moment could be many things, like my first official drawing sale, most viral animation, with over 130k views,” Schell said. “Or when I created my biggest art piece ever which took over 50 hours of work time.” 

Art has had a significant impact on Schell’s life: he is more creative and has a bigger imagination because of it.  

“It has made me a better strategist, decision maker, and person as a whole,” Schell said. 

Schell is looking to get his master’s in art and degree in animation. Though the future is uncertain, there’s one thing he knows for sure: art will become his career and impact his future greatly.