Take a boost with Pfizer

On Twitter, the Pfizer booster shot is now trending. It is said to restore full COVID-19 protection to 95.6%. There was a study conducted of 10,000 people and the results showed that it restores full protection for its recipients.  

BioNTech and Pfizer both worked on this booster shot. They say it is more effective compared to those receiving two shots and a placebo. They believe that this booster dose can protect a big population of people from this virus and its variants to come.  

In the trial, the 10,000 participants all had received the two Pfizer vaccine shots before hand. Half of them were randomized to receive the placebo shot and the other half received the booster shot. Only 5 cases COVID-19 cases occurred for the ones who received the booster shot, and 109 COVID-19 cases registered for the ones who received the placebo shot.  

The trial took place while the Delta variant had high infection rates, so the companies believe it will be effective in quelling future spread of the virus. They believe it can protect a person, but they still are not sure how long the shot can guarantee immunity for. 

Many countries, including the United States, have begun to start offering these boosters to their citizens because they believe it will help them stay protected.