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Why the Summer Olympics are better than the Winter Olympics

April 12, 2022

The Olympics take place every two years, alternating between the summer and winter. Due to the seasons, the two Olympic games vary greatly in events, scope, and audience. Which one is better? 

The events are obviously very different. In my opinion, the Summer Olympic sports hold a wider range of differences from one another than the winter events.  Winter events are typically built upon one action with slight differences, such as snowboarding, making the winter games blend after a while. 

Furthermore, far more people can relate to the games presented in the summer sports than they could in the winter. Personally, the only reason I would watch the Winter Olympics is because I am curious about a specific sport, but I never care too much about the results because I do not get nearly as excited for the winter games as I do the summer games. I am sure people relate to that as most people have more experience with the summer games than they do in the Winter; they are fans of the sport all year round rather than once every four years when the Olympics come around.  

The summer games can be held in a wider variety of climates, making the Olympians more used to adversity within their sport as they do not rely on the climate to have a successful performance. However, the Winter Olympics are limited to the northern hemisphere, where there is constantly enough snow, making people living in the southern hemisphere less likely to ever attend the Winter Olympics in person.  

Due to this weather, the Summer Olympics are more inclusive. Technically, citizens within the southern hemisphere are not excluded from the Winter Olympics, but due to the nature of the games and the climate needed it is less likely for those born and raised in the southern hemisphere to participate or succeed in the Winter Olympics.  

The Summer Olympics are more objective. The scoring is based more around a stopwatch, finish line, or score board as opposed to a group of judges completely making decisions like most of the Winter Olympic events. The majority of the summer games are all based on an athlete’s own ability. However, in the Winter Olympics, competitors can blame a cracked board or equipment failures rather than admitting their defeat. 

Overall, the Summer Olympics are just more entertaining in general because of the personalities of competitors being more visible and the constant upmanship throughout the games. The Summer Olympics are always a good watch whether someone cares about the events or not.  

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