Literature: A Treasure Worth More Than Gold


Whether it is fictional stories, where new worlds and characters are created, emotional narratives, where average people share their incredible stories, or satirical pieces, where anyone can express their thoughts and opinions, literature is an integral part of society. For centuries, literature has been a means for expression, communication, and entertainment. However, in today’s world, a world of technology, the emphasis on literature is slowly dwindling.

Reading fictional pieces and writing creative works stimulates original thinking. In a school system focused on fitting a mold of a successful student, the importance of this uniqueness in every person is looked over. By emerging yourself into another world of a story, our minds start to look further than what is right in front of us. We don’t just go with what we are told. We think much deeper. We explore different possibilities and form our own opinions. This creativity encouraged by literature is unparalleled. This inventiveness puts the tools in the hands of the reader or writer to imagine incredible things. The individuals who focus on literature are the same people that how the power to change the world.

Throughout every students’ school career, they will write at least one research paper: fact filled pieces that develop information on a specific topic. These are needed in our world, but works on our opinions are just as valuable. Literature allows us to share these positions. Literature gives a voice to the mute. The creator has all the power to write however they like. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. People can be honest. This transparency and freedom allows for everyone’s voice to be heard. This sharing of our ideas connects our world. It develops respect and understanding and sympathy.

When writers share their opinions or their stories, it allows the rest of us to see into their minds or experience their struggles alongside them. Through this, we are able to see the world through others’ eyes. We can gain perspective on things. Matters that have never mattered to us before break our heart. We realize that we have never considered how those around us feel and that in and of itself may change how we think.

Gossip surrounds almost all of popular celebrities today. Like everyone, the people who are in the spotlight make mistakes. Sometimes, they set an example that we shouldn’t be following. This makes the importance of positive role models in literature even greater. I remember when I was younger, I loved Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson. She was strong, beautiful, and brilliant. She motivated me to work hard in school and encouraged me to find a passion for academics outside of school. Characters like her shaped who I am today. We are able to relate to these made up individuals with traits and faults just like us. These characters can help us become our best selves.

Reading and writing is about so much more than sharing or learning information. Literature creates new universes, gives people platforms to speak. We can’t lose sight of its value as we constantly make new inventions and leap technological bounds. Literature is a treasure that never ends. Because at the end of the day, literature has always been a part of us, and literature should always be.