How spooky are you getting this year?


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As Halloween approaches, many high school students are planning for the nights activities. Here at Sequoyah High School we asked a few students what their plans are. 

Sophomore Jack McGarry has simple plans for Halloween this year. 

“I am going trick-or-treating with friends because I want free candy on Halloween,” McGarry said.  

Junior Sarah Coltrain is taking part in one of the less popular activities, watching scary movies on Halloween.  

“I’ll be watching the Adams Family on Halloween because it is a family tradition,” Coltrain said.  

On the other hand, senior Elaine Ware is participating in the most popular plan and will be heading to a party. 

“I am going to a costume party because I don’t want to see little kids on Halloween,” Ware said.  

Senior Ty’liyah Woodson is changing things up this year and is heading to a haunted house on Halloween instead of heading out to trick-or-treat.  

“I am probably going to go to Netherworld or Paranoia this year. I’m too old to trick-or-treat so that’s why I chose to do this,” she said. 

No matter what plans are made, Halloween is sure to be spooky for most this year! 

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