Smith strategizes a way to unite all gamers

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Smith strategizes a way to unite all gamers

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On a Dungeons and Dragons adventure, the majestic phoenix flies through the sky with flaming wings, rising from the ashes. Similarly the strategic gaming club has been brought back for yet another year. Jason Smith, senior and sophomore literature teacher, has created a safe haven for all nerds and geeks. Along with the help of Jillian Zaski, a special education English teacher, Smith created the Strategic Gaming Club which meets every Thursday afternoon at Sequoyah East.

“I wanted to start a club for students who were interested in learning and already playing strategy games, to get together, meet new friends, and play,” Mr. Smith said.

So far, the club has over 30 members and plays games like “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Magic the Gathering.” Friendly competition and a passion to play fuels the members to not only have fun, but to expand their minds in an entertaining, creative way.

Members of the club roll their Dungeons and Dragons dice to advance in their adventures. The Dungeon Master facilitated the game and set up a plot line for them to follow.

Every Thursday members gather together and play different games. Each week the club focuses on a different game and helps members learn to play the game or, for experienced gamers, further their knowledge of it.

On certain weeks, they have free days where the members can play whatever game they wish with their fellow gamers and mingle with their contemporaries.

“I hope the students learn about new games, and build a community formed from a shared interest,” Smith said.

Mr. Smith prepare to throw down a card in a “Magic the Gathering” match. Smith was inspired to start the club when he found a common interest in the card games with some of his students.

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