Highlights of the sports season


Junior Aaron Whittle stands in a team discussion after a practice.

Brooks Morris- My favorite moment of the season was shaking the hand of all the creekview players after beating them by 35. 

Ansley Davis- My favorite moment was getting 3rd in 6A in the 400 free relay.  

Gabe Reddick- My favorite part of the season was the swim meets and getting to hangout with my friends while doing something I love.  

Mallory Lawson-My favorite thing about this season was being about to be a big sister to a lot of the new girls and having many many laughs at practice & meets. Also beating my personal record this season in jumping and sprinting after coming back from a knee injury in preseason.  

Annabeth Bedsole-I’d have to say beating Creekview by 35 was the highlight of cheering for me.  

Erin Peters- My best memory is qualifying for State as an individual – making me the First Lady golfer to qualify as an individual from Sequoyah.  

Alana Neely- My favorite moment was senior night because we got to celebrate all the seniors and it was our last match of the season and we were able to win 5-0 against sprayberry, which was a great way to finish out the season! 

James Argo-My favorite memory was the team going 5-0 at the Cherokee tournament.


Grace Milton-My favorite part of the season was going to Columbus and competing in the state competition! Although we didn’t make it to the second day of the competition, it was fun seeing everyone be a team and work together one last time. It was a lot of fun!


Peyton Satterfield- My favorite part of this season was senior night because I was surrounded by friends and family who cheered me on in my final game at Sequoyah. All the seniors had a great game and it was a great way to finish my career in the war lodge.  

Wesley Potter- Playing my last game at home with my family was my favorite memory.  

Carlee Webb- My favorite moment this season was when our girls team made it to state for the first time in I think 10 or 11 years!


Aaron Whittle- My favorite moment of the season was when me and my doubles partner were in a really long rally and the opponent hit a lob and I smacked that thing so hard that it went out of the court.  

Justin Wrobleski- My favorite moment from this season would have to be coming back on creekview when we were down 7-1 and winning.


Zeke q- Getting the first dub after all the work we have put in was my favorite moment.   

Thomas Brumbeloe-I would say [my favorite moment was] when we shot our best score of the year so far last week against Allatoona. If we keep playing like that, we can make it to state.  

Tatum- My favorite memory from soccer season is playing in the Harrison game because even though we were down by a point the whole game, we kept our heads up and played our hearts out the entire 80 minutes.

Victoria Ergle- My favorite moment in when we came back from losing two sets and won the next three in our first state game. The way we rallied together and worked hard to keep our season going was incredible.