Seniors are applying themselves and applying to college


As college applications open, seniors prepare to throw their hat in the ring, competing against thousands of other students for a spot at their desired school. During this time, seniors work towards preparing for the next chapter in their lives.

Senior Madie Kovacs has been prepping for the ACT and SAT so that her scores can exceed what is needed at certain schools in order to increase her chances of getting in. Kovacs is applying to several colleges across the state, but her top choice is Berry College because of its pre-vet program, campus, and community.

“I know that the Berry community is extremely welcoming and tight-knit which is exactly what I’m looking for in a college,” Kovacs said.

Feeling both excited and overwhelmed, senior Amelia Westmoreland started the application process on August 1, as soon as applications opened. Westmoreland is applying to Wake Forest, Elon, Emory, and Mercer.

“[I’m looking for] an amazing biochemistry program, the ability to interact with faculty [and] researchers one-on-one, and most of all, a place to call home,” Westmoreland said.

Senior Nyla Crayton is looking for a school with a lot of options for classes and with the chance to try some out before committing to a major. For Crayton, a small college in the northeast would be ideal, with her top choice being Brown University. The application process has evoked many emotions for Crayton.

“It feels a little odd – I clearly remember walking through the halls as a freshman, and now I’m in my last year of high school, and I’m looking into higher education. It’s a little crazy,” Crayton said.

Senior Evelin Pedro is torn between not believing that she will be leaving high school so soon and just wanting to be done with it already. Pedro is interested in political science and international relations; as such, her top choice is American University. Pedro is planning on getting letters of recommendation from some of her teachers and is trying to volunteer more.

“[I want] to make sure I have the best chance of getting in,” Pedro said.

With preparation and dedication, students prepare to leave high school behind and enter the next four years of the adventure of life.