Chiefs take home region players of the year


Senior Sydney Rosant dribbles down the court on a fast break. Rosant led the team to a first-round playoff win against Alpharetta.

There are very few people that have the chance to win region player of the year. There are some schools that are lucky enough to get one athlete out of the other eight schools in the region.  

Sequoyah, for this past season, had two region players of the year, including senior basketball guard Sydney Rosant. 

“It was the best feeling [to win this award],” Rosant said. “It was confirmation that all the hours that I have put in truly mattered, and it is motivation to continue doing the same things and to increase my intensity when I train.”  

The other player to win this award was junior basketball guard and forward Jackson Greco. He had a historic season in which it included being added to the 1000point club.    

“My family and teammates [helped me get to the level I’m at now],” Greco said.

Rosant’s hard work and dedication helped her achieve this award and the many others in her four years at Sequoyah. 

“It took hours and hours of training to reach where I am currently, ”Rosant said. “And also, a lot of repetition. I always tried to make sure that even if I wasn’t at practice or didn’t have a training, I was still fine tuning my game.”  

It was not only her hard work but also the help that came from other people to get her to this place. 

“All the coaches and trainers that I have had are the main reason that I am here. I have one for ball handling, shooting, and my athleticism,” Rosant said.Also, Coach [Derrick] Dewitt really helped with my basketball IQ and my ability to read the game and not just play.”  

With Greco only being a junior, he is still looking to his basketball future at Sequoyah. 

“[I can’t wait for] breaking the school record for scoring and playing with my teammates [who are] the ones I love,” Greco said. 

Junior Jackson Greco passes to a teammate during practice. Greco, this season, joined the 1000-point club during a game against Dalton.

Rosant reflects on her illustrious career after she played her final game for Sequoyah. 

“I do not have one moment in particular that I would consider my favorite,” Rosant said. The bond that I have made with my teammates is something I will cherish forever.”