It’s yearbook time

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It’s yearbook time

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One of the most exciting parts of the school year is being able to flip through the pages of the Sequoyah Paragon and seeing friends and fellow classmates. It takes a dedicated team of students to create this engaging book that highlights the key points of the past year. 

Junior Andrew Doerr, as copy editor, plays a major role in the production of the yearbook. He puts the finishing touches on the book before it is distributed throughout Sequoyah. 

“I look over every page of the book for any grammatical errors and formatting issues. Thankfully, the yearbook staff is full of excellent writers, so my job is never too difficult,” Doerr said. 

Sophomore Riley McClure contributes to the yearbook as well. She is a reporter for the Paragon staff and provides some of the original content that makes the book so special. 

“Being [a part] of the staff is really cool because we are all working towards making something that people will get to look back at years from now, and we get to create something we all can be proud of,” McClure said.  

Though creating the yearbook can be a fun and rewarding experience, the staff faces many challenges that can occasionally seem overwhelming. 

“I would say the most challenging part of being on the staff is being able to manage your time wisely due to the deadlines we must meet in order to create the book,” McClure said. “This can be stressful at times, but people are always there to help you out when you need it.” 

Doerr agrees that constructing the yearbook can be difficult but for a different reason. 

“The most challenging part of being on the staff is definitely being able to get every staff members’ ideas together into an organized piece,” Doerr said. “Generally, each spread has many different people’s ideas patchworked together into something special.” 

The Sequoyah Paragon is currently $85 and can be purchased on A limited number of yearbooks will be available for purchase during distribution day for an increased price of $95.