Goodwin and Fagan give us a blast from the past


Neon, plaid, chokers and mom jeans are old trends we have let make a comeback in our closets. Retro is no longer what we use to describe the clothes our parents wore; it is the everyday style. Junior Helen Marie Goodwin and senior Patrick Fagan have embraced the style from decades in the past.  

Goodwin and Fagan stand together in their contrasting outfits. Fagan wore brighter, Atlanta Olympics clothes while Goodwin wore a dark and sleek outfit.

“Retro is cool, but I feel like retro has always been the big style. In the 90’s people were taking inspiration form the 70’s. In the 80’s people took some inspiration from the 60’s. I feel like retro is always in style,” Fagan said 

Goodwin and Fagan have made a mark with their unique style that we see on old tv shows like Friends. The 90’s have made a comeback and Goodwin is here for it. 

“I look towards decades like the 90’s and early 2000’s, and I just put a twist on it. I have a lot of men’s dress shirts that I tie and wear as crop tops, which is something from the early 90’s,” Goodwin said. 

Goodwin gets her clothes from thrift stores like Goodwill and adds her own personal touches. Even though most of her clothes are thrifted, a lot of her pieces are name brand that she gets for cheap. Although she looks to the 90’s for inspiration, she has a different definition of her style. 

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“My style is definitely strange. I definitely prefer the 90’s and early 2000’s, minus the low-rise jeans. It bounces between a well-defined ‘e-girl’ to an almost Parisian type aesthetic. It all depends on the day. I do not try and box myself in. I just wear what I want,” Goodwin said. 

Fagan has a similar inspiration for his style. The 90’s have influenced this iconic fashion couple, but Fagan has found his own version of the new trend and a new inspiration. 

Senior Patrick Fagan poses in one of his typical 90’s inspired outfits. Fagan’s outfit is mirrored next to him and he has us seeing double with his unique outfit.

“What really inspired my style was Helen Marie. She is a genius when it comes to fashion, and I did not want to disappoint her. The other thing that inspired my style was skating fashion. A lot of skaters dress really well. The first person that I can think of is Aiden Kern,” Fagan said. 

Trends have come back around, and clothes and accessories go in and out of style quickly, but this couple knows how to add a modern twist to old trends. Goodwin looks to creativity to add her personal touch to her clothes and Fagan looks to Goodwin for inspiration to his undefined style. 

“I do not really know how to describe my style. I just kind of wear what I think looks good and what Helen Marie thinks looks good,” Fagan said. ““Helen Marie is the mastermind of our style. I try my hardest to come up with good fits, but she is the real genius. 

Although the 90’s and skating fashion have become mainstream, Fagan and Goodwin do not mind the arising trends from the past they have been wearing for a while.  

“I have been thrifting and dressing retro for a while now, and I have got to admit it is strange to something niche that I have been doing for so long becoming mainstream, but it also makes it easier for me to find unique pieces and get more inspiration for them,” Goodwin said 

Clothes come and go from decade to decade and when we become adults our kids will looking through our old clothes looking for new pieces to add to their closet. According to Goodwin and Fagan, retro is here to stay, and they are here for it.