We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore (Stranger Things season 3 Spoilers)


Stranger Things has been renewed for a fourth season. With another season of the pop culture hit, new rumors and theories are starting to stir within the Stranger Things fandom. The theories being created are about every aspect of the show from characters returning to where the season will take place.  

The most popular theory for the new season started at the end of season three. At the end of the latest season one of the main characters, Jim Hopper, met his sad and not-so-ultimate demise. Many fans believe that Hopper did not actually die at the end of the season. Some believe Jim Hopper was taken in by the communists in season 3 and is in Russia, but others believe he is in the Upside Down. 

On September 30thNetflix released an announcement video confirming a season four and fans took the 46 second video and picked it apart. The video shows the Stranger Things logo flicker and re-appear in the Upside Down. When you look closer at the upside down in the back of the shot, you can see the cabin that Jim Hopper lived in during season two and three. This has led many fans to speculate that Hopper is in the Upside Down during season four. 

Before Netflix released the trailer for the new season, fans still had theories about Jim Hopper. At the end of season three, after the credits, the show shifts to Russia. Two Russian guards walk by a prison cell and say, “No. Not the American.” Many people think that this “American” is Hopper. With the new trailer saying, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore,” fans have said that maybe this season will be in Russia.   

“We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore” is how the new trailer ended and has created an uproar of new theories. So, where will this season take place? Many people think the show will follow Eleven. Eleven moved away with the Byers family at the end of last season, but we do not know where they moved.  

One of the places that people think the new Byers family moved is New York. In the first season of the show, Jonathan Byers said that he wanted to go to NYU. By this time, Jonathan is old enough to be going into college, so maybe they moved to fulfil Jonathan’s dreams. 

The second prediction for their new home is Chicago. In season two, Eleven ran away to Chicago and met her “sister” Eight. Some fans think that in season four the writers will further Eleven and Eights relationship and make it a focal point of the season.  

Even if none of these predictions or theories are right, fans will still go crazy for and love season four.