The Arrow

2017-2018 Staff

Zeke Quarles


Zeke Quarles is a sophomore, and this is his second year on The Arrow staff. When it is time to edit pictures, Zeke's your guy. He is enthusiasm about newspaper lies in the fact that he gets to bring athletic news and opinion ...

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Sydney Rosant


Sydney Rosant is a first year reporter on staff this year. She joined the staff to further engage in her appreciation for journalism and to learn more about what it takes to be a reporter. In her free time, Rosant enjoys singing...

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Shira Wildschut


The 2017-2018 school year serves as Shira Wildschut's first year on The Arrow staff. She decision to join stemmed from her interest in writing, creative spirit, and her eagerness to relay important messages to her peers. In her f...

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Gabby Troche


Gabby Troche is a sophomore at Sequoyah High School. This is her second year in newspaper and she joined because she wanted to be a better writer. In her free time Troche likes play soccer and hang out with her friends. ...

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Rachel Renner

News Editor

Rachel Renner is a senior at Sequoyah. This is her second year on The Arrow staff, and she joined to further her creative and journalistic writing skills. She is the staffs News section editor and also manages the staff's advertisement....

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Brae Davies

Sports Editor

Junior Brae Davies is this year's Sports section editor and it's her first year on staff. She hopes to bring a passion and dedication to the staff and share stories of Sequoyah's students. Brae enjoys playing volleyball, deba...

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Taylor Moody


Taylor Moody is a junior and this is her first year in newspaper. She wanted to try something new and that lead her to try journalism. Moody loves to spend time with her dog, Gunner, and visit her older brother in South Carolin...

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Madi Foley


Madi Foley is a sophomore, and this is her second year on the Arrow staff. Foley chose to be in journalism, and become the photographer, because she enjoys writing and taking pictures. In her spare time, Foley plays lacrosse, d...

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Brianna Saez

Student Life Editor

Brianna Saez, editor of the Student Life section, is a junior, and this is her second year on The Arrow staff. She joined journalism in hopes of learning a new stylistic writing and doing so in a public and professional manner....

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Elijah Howard


Elijah Howard is a senior and this marks his second year on on staff. He chose to take journalism because he hopes to pursue a career in sports journalism. Howard loves to play basketball, make music, and hang with his friends...

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Kristina Friedrichs


Kristina Friedrichs is a senior. This is her first year on the staff, and she joined because she wanted to take advantage of the opportunities to write about the school that The Arrow has to offer. Outside of the paper, she is i...

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Caleb Struchtemeyer


Caleb Struchtemeyer is a sophomore in his first year if newspaper. He joined the staff in response to his love for writing. He loves to watch baseball, especially the Atlanta Braves, eating chicken and waffles, and spending time...

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Jordan Weems

Editor in Chief

Jordan Weems is a senior in her third year of newspaper. She joined the staff as a reaction to her interest in all types of journalism, both yearbook and newspaper. When she's not working on the print edition of The Arrow, she swim...

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Jaila Williams

Editor in Chief

Jaila Williams is a senior in her third year of newspaper. She joined her sophomore year due to her love for journalism and writing, as she wanted to learn what it took to report news efficiently. Outside of school, she coaches...

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